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Ethical streetwear, which is also known as eco streetwear, is clothing that’s good for people and the planet.

The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter of the planet (after oil production) thanks to what’s known as ‘fast fashion consumption.’ This term applies to poorly mass-produced products that are sold globally for a really cheap price. Fast fashion is a real threat to not only the environment and human health but also to farmers and factory workers who are poorly paid.

Eco streetwear companies are utilizing sustainably grown fiber crops, sourcing recycled materials to craft their clothing and utilizing eco-friendly processes with the materials that comprise the clothes they sell. These are but a few of the distinctions that set them apart from other clothing manufacturers.

We present our guide to the best eco streetwear and ethical streetwear brands that are making a difference on behalf of the planet.


Founded by surfers for surfers, Outerknown knows sustainability is the only choice to ensure a healthy planet for future generations. (Outerknown)

Believing that you don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability, Outerknown is a Supreme-inspired brand co-founded by 11-time world surfer champion Kelly Slater and John Moore. 

Outerknown makes 100 percent cotton T-shirts, supports fair-trade suppliers, and is known for even turning reclaimed fishing nets into nylon board shorts. Outerknown has efficiently turned surf culture’s love of the ocean into a sustainable fashion brand that lives by that very same creed.

“We’re surfers who grew up with surf brands, but we grew out of logos and we want to wear clothing that’s made better and looks better,” says Moore about the company’s design approach.  

Like many companies on this list, Outerknown knows that working to sustain people is just as important as sustaining the planet. The company is also dedicated to ensuring safe working environments and fair compensation for the people in their global manufacturing community.


The container that holds the food your pet eats today could be the fashion you wear tomorrow, thanks to RiLEY STUDiO, a London-based start-up that is turning trash into high fashion.

They are on a mission to change mindsets and make conscious consumerism the norm by creating a wardrobe of gender-neutral staples that are kind to the planet. The company believes in a circular future, where people and the planet work together to create equilibrium. That decision propels the company to put eco-innovation and sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

Their clothing lines are made out of wood pulp, organic and waxed cottons, plastic bottles and other recycled waste products, and recover yarn, which is manufactured out of textile and recycled wastes. They also embrace using natural fabrics that have biodegradable properties.


Hempy’s manufactures premium, Made In The USA, hemp t-shirts, hemp jeans, hemp board shorts, hemp men’s vests, hemp belts, hemp hats of all kinds, hemp beanies and hemp accessories.

Since most clothing is now made overseas due to burdensome tariffs on American-produced textiles, Hempy’s is breaking the norm by manufacturing clothing that is not only eco-friendly but also supplies American workers with family-sustaining wages.  

Saying that our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and what we choose to put against it all day long matters, Hempy’s believes that natural fibers are far better than petroleum-based synthetic fibers for us to live and play in all day.

Hempy’s clothing is sewn right here in the USA, enabling the San Diego-based company to maintain a high level of quality control. It also permits them to pay fair living wages and control environmental issues surrounding the manufacturing and sourcing of all of their raw materials.

You can feel good about Hempy’s products on your body since Hempy’s strives daily to provide a sustainable future for all residents of the planet.


Hemp truly is one of the best environmentally friendly products on the planet. Hemp uses far less water to produce raw materials and is perfect for revitalizing the soil and killing weeds.

Satta clothing also offers a wide range of products made entirely from hemp, including clothing that is comfortable and beauty products that are healthy for your body. Inspired by nature, Satta makes products that are good for the mind and the body.

Satta follows core principles and vows to only make things that “embody simplicity, functionality, and sustainability in an effort to give back to their community and to facilitate ritual and connection to each other and the natural world.”


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