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Gap’s upcoming Yeezy line with the rapper Kanye West is set to hit stores in Fall 2021. The collaboration with apparel for men, women, and kids could bring in nearly $1 billion in sales in 2022. Gap is betting on West’s influence to revive the struggling brand while giving him the opportunity to turn Yeezy into a permanent name in fashion.

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A $200 bright blue puffer jacket was the first item to drop from the Yeezy Gap collection. The coat was released for pre-sale on June 8, 2021, which was also Kanye West’s 44th birthday. While the blue puffer won’t ship until fall 2021, and the black and red colorways won’t ship until even later, they’ve already made their way to reseller sites like StockX and Grailed for nearly 3 times as much.

West says the deal made a huge impact on his finances and an analysis from Wells Fargo estimates that Gap will generate nearly $1 billion in incremental sales in 2022.


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