Lil Nas X and Tony Hawk Collaborate on a Hilarious Skateboarding Video

To show off his — er, the skater’s — talents, Lil Nas X joined up with the skateboard legend, Tony Hawk, for a funny tutorial video published on TikTok. 

The 22-year-old Grammy winner wore a black t-shirt and matching helmet with his “Satan Nikes” at the top of a half-pipe in the video. Lil Nas X introduced himself before riding one of Hawk’s new blood-infused skateboards, promising a show full of challenging tricks. 

“Let’s go!” said the singer as he walked over to the edge and raised his skateboard, preparing to dive into the bowl. But before he could say anything, the film cut to Hawk, 53, standing in the same spot and performing a series of spectacular stunts. 

When Hawk reappeared, the video turned back to Lil Nas X standing in the same place, as if the rapper had been skating the entire time. 

Fans had a lot of funny reactions to the video, and Lil Nas X retweeted a few of them. 

Hawk revealed his new line of skateboards infused with his blood a week before the skating lesson. The boards are a limited-edition collaboration. 


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