Playboi Carti reveals the title of his new album, Narcissist, as well as the date of its release

Plaiboi Cartie narcisist

Playboi Carti has teased a new album called Narcissist, which will be released on September 13th. The Atlanta rapper hasn’t spoken much about the project, but he did publish photos of layered costumes that included helmets, sweatshirts, and coats on Instagram. A mannequin is also seen in a room with sewing machine tables.

The rapper talked about branching out in his Collections cover story, which was published in May.

“At a certain point, I would like to be doing other things,” he said. “I’ll always be into music, but I just want to give out and show the world everything I’m capable of while I have that spotlight on me. I just want to take advantage of everything and then when it’s time to lay down, it’s time to lay down.”


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